Solar PV Consulting

Providing Developers, Owners, and EPC’S the required expertise to execute project milestone requirements more efficiently


PV Industry Leading Support

We understand the complex dynamics involved in every Solar PV project regardless of size. At Gridlink Global, we have the necessary support structure in place to navigate unforeseen challenges. Our network of energy experts provide high-level expertise and tailored solutions throughout the entire process.

  • Structured Staffing Solutions
  • Live Progress Tracking
  • Quality Tracking Programs
  • Contract Page Turn and Review
  • Safety Management Processes
  • Interconnection Test Plans 
  • Utility Testing Coordination

Custom Solutions for your Project

Owners rep

Owners’ Representation

When you hire us, we are the liaison between you and your EPC. Our experts cover all aspects of construction and detailed progress reporting


Safety Management

Our OHSA 510/500 certified Reps are leading experts at identifying, preventing, and eliminating safety incidents before they become a real hazard. Partner with us to complete your projects safely

Financing verification

Financing Verification

 Our experts can certify claims of MC, SC, and FC for financial institutions and developers 


PV System Installation

System Design and Engineering

Project Management

B.O.S. Procurement

Post Driving and Pull Testing

Commissioning Reports

Monitoring Systems

Skilled Contract Labor

Site Due Diligence

Material Handling and Logistics

Excavating and Site Work

Safety Management Services

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